Home Selling Guide

Selling a house on your own is an overwhelming task. There's advertising to plan and budget for, open houses and private showings to arrange, purchase offers to negotiate, contract contingencies to worry about, and complicated paperwork to fill out. When you hire me I will make the sales process simple and easy. I am a seasoned professional and have extensive marketing experience. I will get the job done.

I am a guy who loves finding value: that is why real estate work is so much fun for me. I get to put my marketing and negotiation experience to work: to help people sell one property and then go out and find what they are looking for and help them acquire it, for the best possible price. Helping people maximize the value of their real estate investment is fun for me!

In college, I studied real estate appraisal.  My family has been in the real estate business for over 40 years and I helped manage that. I have also been a partner with Ambstep Homes in several large real estate developments and now a realtor for good number of years. I am an experienced business man, an experienced negotiator, an experienced marketer, an experienced developer, and a real estate nerd. I just love the business!

Steps towards your sale:

Financing - check with your mortgage lender before you proceed. There may be penalties to consider. Can you port your mortgage to your next home?   We do have access to independent mortgage brokers if you need independent advice.

Comparable market analysis - With your goals in mind, I will using the current market trend, local area sales, and USPs (unique selling points) of your home, to determine the most appropriate price at which to market it. If warranted, I'll have someone provide home staging advice and suggest landscaping changes that will help draw buyers in. Those 'little things' that will help set your property apart from all the others in the same are and/or price bracket.

Advertising - I'll advertise your home through a variety of methods, including local publications, social media, all the various search engines and the MLS®.

Negotiation  - when it comes to negotiating a purchase offer, I'll make sure that you get the best price the market will allow. I'll help you understand contract contingencies and details of the closing process, in addition to handling all the paperwork for you. Essentially, I'm here to represent you throughout the entire selling process, and to make sure that your real estate transaction is a positive and profitable experience.

Completing the Sale- navigating the legal aspects of the sale - from explaining and drawing up of contracts to the transfer of title from you to the buyer - I'll work with our office to keep lawyers involved and informed, and work with the buying realtor to ensure a smooth transition from one party to the other when you're ready to move on.

Thinking about selling your home? Contact me today!